Why work with me?

A safe pair of hands

You need an experienced editor you can trust. I have worked for 14 years in the industry with self-published authors and for leading publishers including Titan Books, Harper Collins and Quarto Publishing.

Word perfect

You want to tell your story with precision and clarity. I care about the details. I’m only satisfied once every sentence is perfectly polished.

The personal touch

You value clear communication with a human being. I will listen carefully to your specific needs from the outset and give regular updates as work progresses.



Developmental edit

You have taken your draft manuscript as far as you can on your own and you want professional editorial feedback. In a developmental edit I will examine all aspects of the manuscript in detail: story arc, pace, tone and style, point of view, characterisation, setting and world-building, and target audience. My feedback will be kind but honest – if it needs major restructuring and rewriting, cuts and additions, I will let you know.


What is included:


A detailed set of editorial notes covering all of the points described.


An annotated manuscript. I will highlight examples, query inconsistencies, pinpoint possible cuts and flag up specific passages that require reworking and make suggestions for improvements.



You are happy with the overall content and structure of your manuscript. Now it’s time to go through the text with a fine-tooth comb to prepare it for publication. I will line-edit for clarity and flow, unpack unwieldy sentences, check facts, flag up continuity glitches, ensure consistency of tone and style, eliminate repetition and redundant words, and apply the rules of the Big Three: spelling, punctuation and grammar.


What is included:


An annotated manuscript with tracked changes and queries covering the points mentioned.


A style sheet listing spellings of proper nouns and any global style rules applied.



The final polish. You’ve worked hard to get your manuscript to this stage and it deserves to be perfect. In a proofread I will eliminate any lingering typos and grammatical bungles. I can also proof cover copy and marketing materials.


What is included:


An electronic proofread mark-up (either PDF or Word format).


Peace of mind knowing that your book will go to press without any mistakes.


Manuscript assessment

Not sure which service you need? In a manuscript assessment I will read your manuscript thoroughly and provide a detailed report, giving an overview of strengths and weaknesses and commenting on aspects such as structure, plot, pace, characterisation and style.


What is included:


A detailed editorial report.


A step-by-step strategy for how to revise and improve your work.

You’re interested in working with me?

Great! so What HAPPENS next?

What I need from you:

In order to provide a quote I will need to know the total word count of the manuscript and to see a sample of your work (three chapters or around 5,000 words). A synopsis would also be useful but is not essential.

What you will get from me:

I will assess your sample and provide you with a no-obligation quote. If you are happy to proceed, we will agree a deadline and a brief for the edit.

Pricing and payment:

Fees are agreed on a per job basis. A 50% deposit will be payable once you submit your full manuscript to me for editing, with the remainder due when I deliver the edit to you.

what my author clients say about me

“I worked with Lucy on my debut novel, and was so impressed with her insightful comments and attention to detail that I ended up working with her on three subsequent books. She helped me to take my work to the next level and, despite the fact that editing can sometimes be the most difficult part of writing, I actually looked forward to her comments, as they were always constructive and based upon a deep understanding of my work. I’m looking forward to working with her on future projects!”

Helen Jones, author of YA fiction series The Ambeth Chronicles

“Lucy’s editing (developmental and copy-editing) was transformative both for me and the characters in my books. Thanks to her inclusive process, my characters changed from lifeless puppets to living, breathing humans I understood and cared about. As a novice writer it made me realise just how important characterisation is. Lucy provides a valuable and trusted perspective.”

Angela Graham, YA fiction author

“Lucy came highly recommended by my literary agency, and I was so pleased that she was! From our first email exchange, Lucy was professional and accommodating. I was very pleased with the level of detail in Lucy's work, and will definitely commission her again on a future book. This is one great editor!”

Michele Gorman, author

“Lucy’s diligent and professional editing was a real asset to the project. Her input on style, tone and flow were invaluable and she was a real joy to work with.”

Levison Wood, author of Eastern Horizons (shortlisted for the 2018 Edward Stanford Award)

“I contacted Lucy via the SfEP for editing advice on my YA fiction novel. The book was in its 4th or 5th draft by that stage, and I’d had some feedback from beta readers but I was struggling with the editing process. Lucy’s response was just what I was looking for. She came back to me within the timescale promised and her feedback has proven to be invaluable. Lucy has a friendly, professional approach and manages to critique without condescending. I have recommended Lucy on a number of occasions to fellow writers.”

Grace McGowan, YA fiction author

“Lucy patiently helped me mould my story and eliminate a lot of dead weight from my non-fiction book without once offending me or making me feel bad about my writing. She is a born problem solver and has the perfect balance between objectivity, firmness, and kindness. I’m incredibly grateful that I found her and I would heartily recommend her to any writer. As well as having done a fantastic editing job, she has taught me how to be a better writer. Lucy is a gem.”

Ciara O’Toole, author

“As an author, I found that Lucy had an eye for detail, an excellent interpretation of any brief, and an enlightened approach to editing. She always took on board my own thoughts and comments and often found solutions to puzzling editorial problems. She has a good sense of humour, is punctual and very conscientious and has always been fun to work with. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Anna Nicholas, author